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Online Makeup Classes For Film & Television


Workshops by Marietta offer quarterly online classes that meet for a total of 20 hours over a four-day period, from Sunday thru Wednesday.  Our flexible alternating morning and evening hours accomodate most schedules.  Classes meet via two-way video conferencing and a Learning Management System.  Once you register and pay for classes you will receive the proper information to log into the classrooms.


>To deliver this class through an online approach which give makeup artists a chance to study in-depth and focus on the business aspects of the industry.

>To introduce the makeup artist to the script or story of a movie and/or television project, and the importance of being prepared prior to principal photography.

>To teach makeup artists how to breakdown the makeup looks for each character in the script including: principal actors, day players, background artists, photo doubles, and stunt doubles.

>To teach makeup artists on-set skills, script breakdown and the tools necessary to survive working on a film and television set.

>To teach makeup artists entrepreneurial skills necessary to survive as a freelancer.

>Teach makeup artists the business of makeup/entertainment industry.

>To give makeup artists a chance to collaborate and network with each other while learning meaningful techniques and terminology pertinent to survival in this highly competitive industry.

>Makeup artists will not only learn from the instructor but will also learn from each other.
makeup artists will have a chance to post on the discussion board.

>Makeup artists will be exposed to a variety of resources.

>To encourage participation from students who would normaly be shy in the traditional classroom setting.

>How and why to breakdown a script
>The importance of continuity and how to maintain it
>How to take photos and create a continuity notebook
>How to read and understand a call sheet
>Set terminology 
>Who’s who on the set
>Proper set etiquette and on-set skills
>Basic camera angles and lighting terms
>How to run an effective makeup department
>Your role as a makeup artist
>How to collaborate with other departments
>Creating a practical and functional set bag

>How to create a proper industry resume, biography and cover letter
>How to create deal memos and invoices
>How to negotiate your deals
>Learn proper billing techniques
>How to create a bookkeeping system
>How to create an itemized kit rental inventory sheet
>How to complete start paperwork and time cards
>How to manage petty cash, P.O’s, and check requests
>Learn about the Union and how to join
>Job interview techniques
>The purpose of an agent, publicist and a press kit
>Incorporating social media into your business
>Networking, marketing and promotional ideas
>Educational investments for building a successful career



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